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By 2020, the Mount will be recognized as a top value university by engaging 21st Century students in individualized educational journeys leading to the achievement of their personal and professional goals. A Mount education will inspire a life-long commitment to educational, professional and community engagement in the spirit and tradition and values of its founders, the Sisters of Charity.

A: Excellent, Relevant Academics
As a University, the Mount will offer academic programs, delivery platforms, and services that will be comprehensive and innovative while preserving the focus on personal attention that has characterized the Mount for a century.
B: Engaged Student Experiences
The Mount will have a thriving campus culture by offering students options to engage in living, learning, service, spiritual, ethical leadership, professional development, athletic, and social activities. Students will gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to enter the professional workforce and create meaningful personal and civic lives.
C: Strong Institutional Foundation
The Mount will strengthen its infrastructure, including its physical and fiscal resources, by increasing enrollment, improving efficiency, reducing tuition dependence, addressing space utilization and updating technology.