Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Infrastructure Services department is to implement and support the hardware and software needs of the students, faculty and staff of Mount St. Joseph University. The Technology Infrastructure Services department strives to provide excellent customer service, as well as, encourage an environment that utilizes technology in the classroom.

TIS is comprised of the following:

  • Technology Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Media Services
  • Network Services
  • Systems Operations
  • Help Desk Services
  • Student Technology Engagement
  • Print Center

TIS provides the following services for the Mount community:

  • Support for office, classroom, dorm, and computer lab technology
  • Software and app development and technology project management
  • Computer equipment installation and maintenance
  • Delivery and scheduling of media equipment
  • Server, network and internet services
  • Networked Printer installation and maintenance
  • Telephone support including voicemail
  • Consultation on hardware and software purchases

TIS may be contacted through the ISS Help Desk. This facility is located in the Library building and can be reached by calling 513-244-HELP (4357).

Media / Technical Support Services

Media / Technical Support Services is primarily responsible for hardware and software related issues. Media / Technical  Support Services provides second level support for computers in MSJ labs, offices, printers, as well as notebook computers.  Media / Technical Support Services is also responsible for supporting, delivering and scheduling media equipment.

Network Services

The Network Services group is primarily responsible for network connectivity, network servers and partial support (based on need and availability of personnel) of telephony and voicemail services. The Network Services group provides second level support for campus network infrastructure.

Technology Account Operations

Technology Account Operations is primarily responsible for the creation and management of all technology accounts utilized by Faculty, Staff and Students at the Mount.

Technology Asset Management

Technology Asset Management is primarily responsible for ordering, receiving and tracking all technology related hardware and software assets at the Mount.