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Please read the One Time Setup Instructions below before downloading packages!

On Campus Printing

Students have the opportunity to print out documents on campus once the Pharos Student Printing solution is installed on their Windows based or Mac based computer. Currently we do not have a printing solution for smart devices like phones or tablet computering devices.  Currently MS Windows 8 is not supported.   
We provide printers around campus for you to connect to print. The printers that we have available print both color and black & white for your most basic printing needs. Some of the main printers can be found at the following locations:
  • Admin Gallery (Located on the first floor of the classroom building)
  • Harrington Center (Located at the desk in the main entrance of the Harrington Center)
  • Library (Located by the desk in the main entrance)
  • Open Lab (Located on the ground floor of the Seton Building) 
  • Student Residence Hall (6th floor lobby between Center and the West dormatory wings)
Click here to view the student printing/copying policy.
One Time Setup Instructions for Wireless Printing
Wireless Printing: One Time Setup Instructions for Windows (.pdf, 562K)
Click here for the Windows One Time Setup for Wireless Printers.
New Wireless Printing Instructions for Mac (.pdf, 557K)
Macintosh Printer Drivers for Open Lab, Library, and Admin Gallery
OS X 10.6 (.dmg, 1335K)
OS X 10.7 - 10.10 (.dmg, 1137K)
Macintosh Printer Drivers for Art Bldg-2nd flr and Project Excel
OS X 10.6 (.dmg, 413K)
Macintosh Printer Drivers for Neeb
NeebPopup.dmg (.dmg, 6577K)
How to Print
Windows Printing Instructions (.pdf, 1404K)
Click this if you need help learning how to print.
Macintosh Printing Instructions (.pdf, 528K)
Click this if you need help learning how to print.
Copier Handouts
Copier Instruction Handout (.pdf, 692K)

Printable instructions for using the copier.

Scanner Instructions (.pdf, 3051K)

Printable instructions for scanning documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
MAPS Poster Printing Service: Policies & Guidelines
updated 09/23/2013
The poster printer is located in the mail room (lower floor, Seton). For all poster inquiries, please contact MAPS at ext. 4516 or via email at
Student Poster Requests (policy & guidelines) (.pdf, 263K)
Faculty & Staff Poster Requests (policy & guidelines) (.pdf, 266K)
Poster Sizes and Pricing (.pdf, 249K)
Interactive Print Center Request Form (updated 7/7/14) (.pdf, 218K)
Please download this pdf form for printing requests. You can fill it out and submit it electronically to or print it out and take it directly to MAPS.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.



Download the following Macintosh wireless printer component:

Please see instructions.
Printing Options
How to Print in Black&White (.pdf, 1051K)
How to Print Double-Sided (.pdf, 1995K)
Printing Instructions
PowerPoint Printing Instructions (.pdf, 323K)
View this document to see how to accurately and efficiently print from PowerPoint.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.