Mission Statement

Administrative Computing is a department within the Information Services and Support (ISS) division charged with supporting the administrative computing needs of the University. The Administrative Computing Department strives toward responsiveness, dependability, and quality in pursuit of the Mount's Mission and Goals.

About Administrative Computing

The Administrative Computing Department is primarily responsible for the Jenzabar products, including CX and JICS (myMount). The department also supports the SUSE Linux system, the Informix database, the Cognos servers, the SQL Server databases and web servers used by the Jenzabar products. In addition, Administrative Computing provides support for processes and/or reports which are a part of the Jenzabar software products and interfacing these products with external systems (e.g., Blackboard, ID card system, admission software).

Administrative Computing Staff

Dan Fields
Web Developer and Applications Administrator
513-244-4813 or
email at dan.fields@msj.edu



Vendor who sells and supports the CX, JX and JICS software products.
Site for Administrative Computing staff to submit support calls to Jenzabar; if you think you have an issue that needs to be reported to Jenzabar support, please contact a member of Administrative Computing so that the appropriate information can be gathered and submitted to Jenzabar.

Submit a product enhancement request to Jenzabar. Must have a MyJenzabar.net account.

A Jenzabar site for its clients to use.
Wiki site for Jenzabar clients