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MS Windows 8 support Joe E. O'Neil 8/14/2015 12:00:00 PM
Students with a new Windows 8.X operating system computer can access the Cisco Authentication Page once a week to gain access to the network wirelessly on-campus.  This weekly log-in provides full web based access myMount, Outlook Web Access (Mount E-mail) and Blackboard.

As of yet, Pharos has not released a student print solution that supports Windows 8 operating systems
 A work around is to take advantage of one of the tower student computers in the Library, the CLC Open Lab or the Administration Building/Classroom Building Lobby at the computer island. E-mail your document to yourselves via your Mount e-mail account. At one of these available computer locations, open your e-mail and print our your documents(s) to the
available Mount Printer
Once Pharos has released its Windows 8 version of the student print solution, an e-mail will be sent out to all students from the ISS Help Desk. This message center will be updated as well.

Feel free to call the ISS Help Desk if you have additional questions. 513-244-HELP (4357), opt 1.

Joe O'Neil

ISS Help Desk Management Specialist

Mount St. Joseph University