Student Health Insurance Portal

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Student Health Insurance Policy

All Mount St. Joseph University students are required to have valid health insurance as required by law. The University is not responsible for the cost of any student’s health insurance or the cost of treatment as a result of any student’s accident, illness, or injury while on the University’s property, traveling for the University or for a University-sponsored event/activity, and/or at a University-sponsored event.

The University requires the following students to provide proof of valid health insurance to the University annually:

  • residential students
  • student-athletes
  • students enrolled in certain health sciences majors (e.g. clinical Nursing programs, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies).

The University uses a web-based portal to verify each student’s health insurance coverage.

Qualified health insurance should provide, at a minimum, coverage for the following essential health benefits within the Greater Cincinnati area: emergency services, office visits, hospitalization (e.g. surgery), and diagnostic testing (e.g. x-ray, laboratory).

Students without access to a group or family medical plan can purchase insurance coverage by accessing an online health insurance marketplace. Students who meet certain economic criteria may also be eligible for a state-based Medicaid plan. The University offers a private health insurance marketplace operated by Campus Unity Benefits. This marketplace has options for ACA-compliant health insurance, short-term health plans, and other types of coverage (e.g. dental, vision) at competitive rates. Students who are required by the University to provide proof of valid health insurance and fail to provide such proof by the first day of classes each fall academic term will be enrolled in a short-term (non ACA-compliant) health plan, which will be billed to their student account.

To obtain more information about the health insurance options available from Campus Unity Benefits, click on the Insurance Portal link above. For specific questions about which plan may be right for you, please contact Aileen Connors at

To obtain more information about the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and purchasing health insurance visit

For information about this policy or the health insurance verification process, students can contact the Wellness Center at 244-4769.