Staying Safe at the Mount

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Download this brochure to get information regarding your rights and responsibilities should you encounter sexual violence at the Mount. The brochure also lists both on and off campus resources.

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Are you preparing for college??? Here are some tips....

As you scout out possible colleges for your academic program, consider your health and well-being and the resources available on a campus for your success.  

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SET TO GO! is a Jed Foundation Resource Guide for parents and students searching for college.  Emotional well being is important to success in college and/or career.  This website give valuable tips and resources for you as a parent or as a prospective student. 

Suicide Prevention Resources

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Ulifeline will connect you to information about stress, mental health issues and other information that will help you succeed in college. If you click on the "Self-Evaluator" tab at the top of the main page you will be able to assess yourself for issues that could keep you from staying well: alcohol/substance use, depression, PTSD, eating/body image issues, etc.
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The ASK About Suicide to Save a Life app provides useful information to use as an educational resource as well as a crisis intervention resource for suicide prevention. Used in over 80 countries, this app is based on the best practices ASK suicide prevention training program. This app is based upon the Best Practice designated ASK About Suicide to Save a LIfe training program developed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and Mental Health America of Texas.

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Provides information for warning signs for suicide risk and how to get help.

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Online screening and resources for mental health.!

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In you can also text for help!

Social Services in Tristate Area: Food, Housing, etc.

This link from the Cincinnati Public Library takes you to a comprehensive list for social services in the tri-state area

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This website contains a comprehensive list for many social services in the Tri-state area.

For Veterans

A resource for Veterans and for those who love them.
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Save A Warrior is a scalable, community resiliency model (CRM) for healing trauma.

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This website offers free online mental health training for service men and women, their families and providers.

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A great resource through the Ohio National Guard (OHIOcares). 

Sleep Hygiene

It's important to develop healthy sleep habits

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Information for Students

Resources related to addressing ways to cope during a time of racial unrest... and additional resources to further knowledge and awareness of institutionalized racism. 

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This tip sheet provides information about social distancing, quarantine, and isolation.  It also describes feelings and thoughts you may be experiencing and suggests ways to care for your emotional health and provides general resources for you to access for more help. 

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Some more tips for managing test anxiety....

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Most of us have some anxiety around taking tests....find some ways to manage your own test anxiety in this article. 

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There's an APP for that!

Top ten free apps for your android or iPhone to help you stay emotionally healthy!
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Grief and Loss