The Communications Manager directs the public relations efforts at the Mount, including media relations, publicity services, crisis communications, and editorial services. The Communications Manager also manages the "news hub" function for the Division of Marketing & Communications.

Policies and Procedures for Media Relations

The Communications Manager initiates and directs all contact with the media on behalf of Mount St. Joseph University. As communication and media relations collaborators within the campus community, the Sports Information Office is designated to contact the sports media and Studio San Giuseppe staff is designated to contact the arts media. Both offices work in consultation with the Division of Marketing & Communications.

The communications function within the Division of Marketing & Communications is responsible for news releases, calendar notices, feature stories, and public service announcements to the media. Members of the office maintain a listing of faculty/staff experts available to talk with reporters. Please use the Publicity Request Form which is designed to help faculty, staff, and students plan their publicity effectively. The form should be saved to your local drive, filled in and attached to an email to the Communications Manager.

The Communications Manager is the first point of contact for the media. Faculty and staff members who are contacted directly by a member of media should report the contact to the Communications Manager as soon as possible. 

Crisis Communications

The Vice President of Marketing & Communications is the official spokesperson for Mount St. Joseph University to the media, general public, and during crisis situations. The Communications Manager is designated as the deputy spokesperson. In addition, other individuals on campus may be included in the dissemination of appropriate information to internal and external audiences.

For more information, see Mount St. Joseph University's Disaster and Crisis Management Plan.

Editorial Services

The purpose of following a particular style when writing and producing publications is consistency. A consistent and grammatical style throughout the array of publications that are produced helps the Mount maintain an organized and efficient appearance. Please refer to the Style Guide for special grammatical/style circumstances that apply to Mount St. Joseph University.