Below are some standard policies and processes maintained by the Division of Marketing & Communications, to ensure consistency, effectiveness and cost efficiency.

University Disclaimer Statement
In July 2009, the University instituted a revised disclaimer statement, which is to appear on all recruitment publications as well as general marketing deliverables, including advertisements and the public website. The disclaimer should also be used on all externally-focused institutional publications, such as annual reports. Please contact the Creative Manager for more information.

University Applications for Admission
The official applications for admission to the University (for traditional, adult and graduate students) are produced annually in collaboration with the Admission team and associated academic department chairs. The applications are available in three formats: online submission through the public website, downloadable PDF through the public web site, and in print. If changes are warranted to any of the applications prior to the annual update/production, these changes are typically only made to the online and PDF versions.

Timeframes for Recruitment Publications
In supporting the recruitment efforts of the Admission team, the Division of Marketing & Communication follows a development and production timeline that aligns with the recruiting cycle. The recruiting cycle typically runs 1 to 1 1/2 years in advance of the University's academic calendar. For example, in July of 2014, the Division of Marketing & Communication will begin work on materials used to recruit the incoming traditional freshman classes for 2015 and 2016.

The Creative Services tea,, as part of the Division of Marketing & Communications, directs photography for use in all marketing and recruitment deliverables, including publications and on the public website. Creative Services also creates photo galleries for special events such as Homecoming, Commencement or Reunion to be uploaded and used on the public Web site. For more information, go to Photography Standards.

Pre-printed Shells and University Maps
The Division of Marketing & Communication produces pre-printed shells for internal production of recruitment materials, specifically, flyers on academic programs or events. It also produces two University maps on an annual basis: an aerial/directions map and a walking map. The Admission team maintains a supply of the pre-printed shells and the maps for use by recruiters and other Admission personnel. Members of academic departments and support offices may purchase the pre-printed shells and the maps (at a low cost) through the University's production center.


The Marketing & Communications team works with the teams of admission, alumni and development to coordinate endorsements and sponsorships related to awareness, recruitment and donor cultivation. Marketing assesses sponsorships based on the fit with the University's mission and strategic goals, as well as the overall return on investment.

Third-Party Vendors

Arrangements for working with third-party vendors on enrollment-related materials are to be coordinated through the Marketing & Communications team. This helps to ensure that the Mount brand and logo are used properly, that existing vendor relationships are leveraged, and when possible, cost efficiencies are realized.