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The community agencies selected as sites for the service learning experiences provide community building opportunities consistent with the goals of the Mount’s service learning program. The Mount selects a limited number of agencies and organizations in order to maintain enduring commitments to those organizations and neighborhoods.

What is meaningful community service? Meaningful community service is the engagement of students in activities that primarily focus on the service being provided as well as the benefits their service activities have on the recipients. The students benefit by learning more about how their service makes a difference in the lives of the service recipients. 

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a service site

What am I doing this for?
To gain practical work experience for your resume?  To apply knowledge you have learned in the classroom?  To actively work on a serious social issue that is important to you?

Where do I prefer to work? And with whom?
Do you prefer to work with children? Adolescents? Adults? Senior citizens? In what type of setting would you prefer to work?  What setting would be the most challenging for you? 

Could I really work in any type of environment?
What type of supervision works best for you?  How much structure do you need in a position?  Do you prefer set work responsibilities, or are you comfortable not knowing what to expect? 

Questions to Ask Community Agencies

About the Agency
What are the mission and goals of the organization? Who does the agency serve? Have any Mount students volunteered there before?

About Volunteering
What type of service does the agency need? Are there specific skills or qualities the agency is looking for in its volunteers? What type of orientations and ongoing training do volunteers receive? 

About Your Involvement
Must volunteers agree to a minimum time commitment? How many hours per week are needed? Is public transportation available to the site? Is there parking?

Hints for Planning a Service experience

  • Call the agency between 9am-5pm and ask for the volunteer coordinator 
  • Identify yourself as a Mount St. Joseph University Service Learning Student 
  • Set up an appointment to discuss your interest in volunteering 
  • Describe the type of volunteer experience you are looking for 
  • Know your learning objectives and make sure they’ll be met
  • Get brochures and materials from the agency

Building Partnerships for Service Learning

On behalf of the Mount St. Joseph University, we would like to thank you for entering into a partnership with us to provide richer educational opportunities for our students. By accepting and supervising our student volunteers, you are helping them to actively combine classroom theory with real-life experience. Ultimately you are also contributing to the University's mission of service to others.

At its best, service learning improves student learning, addresses community needs, facilitates public debate and dialogue, and creates true partnerships between the Mount St. Joseph University and our community.
Please click on documents (at the bottom of this column) to learn more about our agency agreement form.
If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please contact the Coordinator for Service Learning, Keith Lanser at 513-244-4634 or via email at
Information Form
Agency Information Form (.doc, 36K)
To be completed by agencies wishing to be community partners.
blank community partner sheet (.docx, 13K)
This is the document that introduces the community partner/ service opportunities to studetns
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Community Partners
Bayley Adult Day (.pdf, 33K)
Adult Day Activity Center
Hospice of Southwest Ohio’s Patient Care Center (.docx, 12K)
Bayley Nursing Home (.pdf, 34K)
Residential living for the elderly where many fun activities take place.
Be Concerned (.docx, 12K)
Food Pantry in Northern Kentucky.
Boys and Girls Club (.pdf, 35K)
Work with students in an afterschool program setting.
Carl H. Lindner YMCA (.pdf, 35K)

Volunteer opportunities include Afterschool camps, Enrichment Programs, Coaching Youth Sports, Aquatics and Fitness Club programs.

Carson School (.pdf, 33K)
Volunteer opportunities include tutoring children and assisting in afterschool programs.
Catholic Residential Services (.docx, 12K)
Various types of opportunities working with individuals who have special needs in different capacities.
Cincinnati Recreation Commission (.docx, 15K)
College Hill Recreation Center (.docx, 17K)
Assist with coaching and after school basketball activities.
Crossroads Hospice (.pdf, 33K)

Services Opportunities can vary from Patient Care Companion, Gift of the Day Projects, Gift of Gratitude Journals, Office support or Bereavement Support. 

Depaul Cristo Rey High School (.docx, 18K)
Tutoring and mentoring opportunities with high school students.
EarthConnection (.docx, 13K)
Gardening work
English Language Learning Foundation (.pdf, 34K)
Tutoring in a wide variety of subjects for English Language Learners at a Cincinnati Public School.
Findlay Market (.pdf, 34K)
A wide variety of opportunities (ambassador, education/civic, events, outreach), help with farmers markets in specific communities (Price Hill, Walnut Hills, etc.).
Gamble Nippert YMCA (.pdf, 35K)

Volunteer opportunities include Afterschool camps, Enrichment Programs, Coaching Youth Sports, Aquatics and Fitness Club programs.

Hillside Community Garden (.docx, 15K)

Service Opportunities include organic gardening and land restoration.  Requires using heavy tools.

Hughes High School Zoo Academy (.pdf, 33K)
After school tutoring at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Imago Earth Center (.pdf, 34K)
Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (.pdf, 34K)
A wide variety of service learning opportunities with IJPC (peace and justice, nonviolence dialogues, website, database work, etc.).
Motherhouse: Office of Peace, Justice, and Care for Creation (.docx, 13K)
Research, advocacy, and community organizing work around the issues of immigration, housing, environmental sustainability, etc.
Mother Margaret Hall (.docx, 15K)
Activities with retired Sisters of Charity.
Oyler School (.pdf, 32K)
After school tutoring and mentoring program for children living in poverty.
Oyler School - Alfred P. Hampton Mentoring Program (.pdf, 35K)
Mentoring Program
Price Hill Will (.docx, 18K)
Community Organization in Price Hill dedicated to identifying and developing positive assets.
Rees E. Price Academy (.docx, 18K)
After school tutoring sessions.
Santa Maria Community Services (.docx, 18K)
Santa Maria Literacy Center West (.docx, 17K)
Tutoring/mentoring opportunities for GED preparation.
St. Francis Seraph (.pdf, 34K)

Volunteer opportunities include assisting within the Soup Kitchen.

St. Vincent de Paul (.pdf, 34K)
The Drop Inn Center (.docx, 19K)
Serving homeless populations through serving food, survey assistance, making phone calls, and general interaction with clients.
World Food Programme (.docx, 15K)
International food aid organization.  Locations vary.
Good Samaritan Free Health Clinic (.pdf, 34K)
Assisting at front desk, communicating with clients, assisting with mail delivery.
Clark Montessori Jr. & Sr. High (.docx, 12K)
Kids Club/ Our Daily Bread (.docx, 12K)
Our Daily Bread (.docx, 14K)
Society of St. Vincent de Paul (.docx, 12K)
Su Casa Hispanic Center (.docx, 15K)
Western Wildlife Corridor’s (.docx, 12K)
Grace Hospice (.docx, 12K)
Community Partner Booklet
Community Partner Booklet Updated 2/17 (.docx, 103K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.