Below are examples of careers that our psychology alumni with bachelor's degrees have pursued.

Megan Pfeiffer: Clinical Research Coordinator IV, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Megan picMegan is an advanced-level research coordinator within the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology. She currently manages two multi-site, NIH-funded studies where she works alongside neurology physicians, rheumatologists, pain management physicians, psychologists, and nurses to identify potential research candidates and coordinate patients’ clinical care. Additionally, Megan compiles enrollment and safety reports for study staff and NIH sponsors. She also works as the liaison between the data coordinating center and the site-based coordinators to ensure high levels of complete and accurate data entry. Megan credits her success to the Mount’s research courses, practicum opportunities, and interdisciplinary curriculum. These experiences provided her with the research and professional skills that Children’s, like many companies, seek in a candidate.

Shanyce Matthews: Mental Health Specialist, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Shanyce picShanyce provides counseling services to individuals who have a mental health diagnosis or behavioral issues. She provides crisis stabilization for the child and support techniques to parent(s). Shanyce works in treatment teams that include doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists who implement treatment plans and enhance patients’ coping skills. She says the courses that provided the most valuable training for her career were Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan development, and Counseling Theories. These classes have allowed her to recognize the signs of different mental illnesses and the best ways to handle and treat underlying issues of the child.

Chris Gullette: Account Manager, Aerotek

Chris picChris helps both job candidates and customers by finding the right people for the right job. He identifies qualified candidates through various recruiting and sourcing tools, screens and interview qualified candidates, and facilitates a relationship between the client and candidates. Chris says, “it’s a very rewarding job to be able to help people find jobs that they may not have known were available to them.” He believes the research courses he took at the Mount were very beneficial for developing job sourcing strategies, and Social Psychology and communications courses were valuable for understanding how people communicate and interact with each other. 

Lacey Bickett: Human Resources Assistant, Dualite

Lacey picLacey is responsible for recruiting and screening applicants to fill open positions. She works with employees in all levels of the company to improve safety and prevent injuries on the job. Lacey said her Social Psychology course helped tremendously with the employee relations aspect of her new position. The Health Psychology course she took has helped her to plan a wellness program for employees. Lacey believes that the psychology program at MSJ prepared her well for this career because of the rigorous coursework, opportunities for leadership roles, and her work to set up co-ops with local organizations.

Anna Fischer: Criminal Records Researcher, Convergence Research

Anna picAnna analyzes criminal background checks of offenders who have applied for employment or housing. She conducts extensive data analysis as part of her job to help companies and housing providers make decisions about applicants. Anna believes her Research classes at the Mount set her up for success at this job. She also says that her service learning experience at Bethany House, where she learned about the widespread impact of homelessness, poverty, and mental illness, was very beneficial for her current line of work.  


Eldric Harrell Jr: Clinical Research Coordinator II, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Eldric picEldric works in the Division of Psychiatry as the lead coordinator of the Simon's Foundation SPARK Study for Autism, which is the largest Autism study in U.S history. His duties include collecting saliva samples from families, data entry, training new employees, coordinating patient enrollment with physicians, and co-enrolling patients along with other Autism related studies. Eldric credits the Mount's research and Senior Thesis courses for providing excellent preparation for this position. He says the Mounts psychology program prepared him well for the leadership role he has assumed at Children's.

Jacey Schunk: Children's Services Case Worker, Hamilton County Job and Family Services

Jacey picJacey protects children from situations of abuse or neglect, and she works to ensure the social, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of her clients. Jacey makes home visits to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect, provides assessments to determine whether a parent or guardian is fit to provide care, makes referrals to counseling services, and evaluates whether a child should be removed from the home and placed with foster care or an adoptive family. She says that her Lifespan Development, Abnormal Psychology, and Social Psychology courses were very helpful for this career.  

Briana Goines: Behavioral Health Specialist, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Bri picBriana primarily works with adolescents (ages 13-17) with a variety of mental health diagnoses and/or behavioral issues. She utilizes her training in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention to de-escalate children in crisis, manage safety, help regulate patients' emotions, and facilitate psycho-education groups. Each patient has an individualized care plan that she and her team implements and documents. Briana says her Abnormal Psychology course gave her in-depth knowledge of the mental disorders she sees on a daily basis, Lifespan Development helped her understand teenagers, and Research I & II developed the critical thinking skills she utilizes on her job. Briana is planning to attend the Mount's Physician Assistant graduate program to advance her career in the behavioral health field.

Alison Prather: Human Resources Manager, LADD, Inc.

Alison picLADD is a nonprofit organization that provides services for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities. Alison’s role involves talent management and development, strategic planning, improving organizational culture, risk management, and leadership development. Upon graduating from the Mount, Alison took the Society of Human Resources Certification exam, and is now a certified HR practitioner. Alison believes that her undergrad studies provided a strong foundation for working in a field that deals heavily in human interaction. She is also working toward completing the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program at the Mount.