Campus Ministry seeks to create opportunities and nurture an environment on campus for students to explore and deepen their personal spirituality and philosophical beliefs in community. 

We fulfill our mission by providing programming that: 

  • Encourages community-building and meaningful connections with peers
  • Creates opportunities for personal reflection and prayer  
  • Empowers students to serve their peers and community with their gifts and talents
  • Fosters a commitment to service and peace and justice through education, action, and reflection.
  • Collaborates with the larger campus community to bring about the development of the whole person.

Campus Ministry exists to minister to the campus community by serving the community in growing in their faith and spirituality, regardless of your religious, spiritual and philosophical background.

Interested in getting involved?

Contact Assistant Director of Mission Integration at 513.244.4866.

Contact Us

The door is always open to you - your questions, concerns, ideas, comments, or suggestions are greatly welcomed! 
Michelle Arnold, Assistant Directory of Mission Integration
Harrington Center Room 142
(513) 244-4866
Mailing address:

Office of Mission Integration, HC 142
5701 Delhi Rd
Cincinnati OH 45233

Use the form below to request more info about Campus Ministry.


The Office of Campus Ministry provides on-campus experiences that seeks to build up a sense of community on campus that is inclusive and meaningful for all students. 

We also seek to build up collaborative partnerships with student clubs and offices on campus, so please feel free to reach out to us for interest! 

Student Organizations{expander}

Campus Ministry sponsors many MSJ student organizations, including:

  • Bible Study
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Interfaith Club
  • Lions for Life

You can view their events, along with the events of other MSJ student organizations, in the Student Life Calendar.


Faith & Food{expander}

Interested in being a part of a small faith group on campus? 

Faith & Food is a small faith-sharing group program that encourages students to explore their faith and spiritual identities and experiences with each other over a shared meal. Groups are peer-led and compose of 5-10 students per group, with two groups currently active, and one group that is currently open to taking in new members. 

For interest in joining the current open group, or in starting a new special-interest group, please contact the Coordinator of Campus Ministry.

Thirsty Thursdays{expander}

Thirsty Thursdays is an ongoing program that seeks to build community on campus through engaging in simple and fun service projects over snacks and lemonade. The Office of Campus Ministry also seeks to collaborate with student clubs on campus for these events - past collaborations include: 

  • Valentines for Bayley Place residents with the Fraternity and Sorority Council
  • Bookmarks for C.O. Harrison Elementary School with Kappa Delta Pi
  • Easter goody bags for the Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati with Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Blessing bags for the Homeless with Residence Life and the Black Student Union 
  • Caregiver Kits for Bayley Place caregivers with the Student Nurses Association

Hunger & Homelessness Awareness {expander}

Hunger and Homeless Awareness events provide the opportunity for us to pay special attention to educating ourselves and getting involved in dialogue pertaining to issues of hunger and homelessness in our city, and in our world. Through both fun and education activities, we hope to bring these issues to the forefront of our minds in a special way so we may better ask ourselves how we can be a part of the solution in our own unique ways. 

Examples of activities include: 

  • City of Cincinnati Poverty Simulation facilitated by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul 
  • Shantytown (overnight homelessness solidarity and awareness project) 
  • Hygiene drive for local homeless shelter
  • Community service project at local food pantry/soup kitchen

For interest in collaborating or participating, please contact the Assistant Directory of Mission Integration.

Everyone in the Mount Community is invited to join in our many worship opportunities. Catholic Mass is almost every weekend during the school year. All students are invited to attend and participate regardless of their faith tradition. We are a community of believers, all are welcome to join this community.

Sunday Mass

Student Mass is 7pm every Sunday in Mater Dei Chapel during fall and spring semester.
Students are needed to share their gifts by: 
  • Singing or playing an instrument in the choir
  • Serving as readers
  • Serving as Eucharistic Ministers
  • Serving as gift bearers

No prior experience needed – well it helps if you can carry a tune and play an instrument for the choir!  Sign up today!

Non-demominational Christian Worship

Non-denominational Christian Worship is 5pm every Sunday in Mater Dei Chapel during fall and spring semester.

Prayers for Overcoming Racism

Join the Offices of Diversity and Inclusion, Mission Integration, and Student Affairs for Prayers for Overcoming Racism every Tuesday at 8pm.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

Check the calendar or your MSJ email for the location.

Through weekend off-campus retreats, the Campus Ministry hopes to provide a conducive space away for students to step away from the hectic and busy school schedule to spend intentional time processing life experiences with peers, reflecting on important topics like identity and relationships, and creating new and meaningful friendships.

Spots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. If in need of financial scholarship, please contact the Assistant Directory of Mission Integration at 513.244.4866 or at Harrington Center 142.

Alternative breaks are a great way to spend your school breaks learning outside the classroom, meeting new people, and serving your community. These trips are a great way to immerse yourself and learn first-hand about various social issues that are faced by communities within Cincinnati and beyond, as well as form new meaningful friendships with your peers. 

There will be 3-4 mandatory pre-trip meetings to prepare the group for each trip - the meeting time will be decided based on the availability of the group.