Professional Learning Series for Faculty & District Partners -- Session 1: The Science of Reading

This professional learning series was designed as part of the Ohio Dean's Compact grant. It was designed for a partnership between a University's reading faculty & a school district's faculty (reading & intervention specialists). The purpose was to work together to deepen all participants' knowledge and skill in teaching reading; create a meaningful partnership between University faculty & School District faculty; support all participants ability to share this content with teachers in their schools or teacher candidates at the University; and to get input on strengthening our teacher preparation program including finding strong field placements for teacher candidates. All materials used in the professional learning sessions will be shared so participants (and others) can use these materials with their teachers and teacher candidates. 

In this first professional learning sessions the Science of Reading is outlined & discussed. The two books that will be used across the series are previewed--Dr. David Kilpatrick books are used and provided to all participants. The session ends with a discuss of Emily Hanford's At a Loss for Words. Participants were asked to listen to this podcast before the first meeting. 

Professional Learning Session 2: Phonological Awareness & Orthographic Mapping

In this second professional learning sessions we dive into Dr. Kilpatrick's books. We focus on Chapters 1-4 in the Essentials book and Part 1 in the Equipped book. 


Session 3: Part 2, Phonological Awareness and Orthographic Mapping

This session reviews and discusses Ch. 7 & 8 in Dr. Kilpatrick's Essentials Book and Part 2 & 3 of Equipped. 

Session 4: Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Writing

This session focuses on teaching vocabulary, comprehension and writing. It completes the Kilpatrick Essentials book with a focus on chapters 5 & 9. It also discusses Hochman & Wexler (2017) article focused on writing instruction: 

Hochman, J., Wexler, M., (2017). One sentence at a time: The need for explicit instruction in teaching students to write well. American Educator. Retrieved from: file:///D:/FH/ae_summer2017_hochman_and_wexler.pdf