Undergraduate admission procedures are further explained on the downloadable Undergraduate Education Department Admission Packet; graduate admission procedures are further explained on the downloadable Graduate Admission Application.


The Mount has strict expectations for protecting the confidentiality of students and families who are encountered in the course of completing Clinical Experiences. 

Consortium Enrollment

Due to the individuality of teacher preparation programs at the various consortium institutions, certain restrictions beyond those defined by the university-wide policy will apply to taking required teacher licensure courses through the consortium. These are:

  • Consortium enrollment is generally not permitted except in cases where circumstances beyond the student’s control make it impossible to take the course at the Mount (eg. course cancellations)
  • Benchmark courses (those courses with common assessments in which candidate competencies will be evaluated) and courses that have a prerequisite of department admission will not be accepted through consortium
  • Consortium enrollment is not automatically approved for courses not available at the Mount during the summer session; students are responsible for monitoring course sequences and availability
  • The student is responsible for providing a course syllabus of the proposed consortium course to verify that the substitute course addresses the same learning outcomes as the course it is to replace
  • Consortium member institutions may have other restrictions and usually allow consortium enrollment only after their resident students have registered

Documentation for determining course equivalency should be provided to the student’s advisor, who will then complete a Waiver/Substitution of Degree Requirement form. The substitution should be approved prior to enrolling in the class. The student must be concurrently enrolled at the Mount. The advisor’s signature is required on the Add/Drop form; this verifies that consortium enrollment is approved, and that the course is an acceptable equivalent. Exceptions to the department consortium enrollment policy must be approved by the Department Chair.

Professional Organizations Policy

Professional Development Requirement - All teacher licensure and degree candidates are required to join a professional organization and attend one professional conference (or accumulate a minimum of 6 contact hours of workshops, seminars or professional development sessions). These hours may be completed online offerings or face-to-face meetings while enrolled in a licensure or degree program. Conferences may include local, state, regional, or national level conferences.

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