This small group can be used for instruction and/or intervention. It focuses on phonological awareness, letter names and sounds, letter writing, and some oral language skills. Below are links to the manual and needed materials for the group. 


Alphabetics Quick Guide

Small Group Manual 


Letter Posters, PA Cards & PA Poems 

Letter Formation Cards 

ABC Fishing Game


(.pdf, 2530K)


Telling Terrific Tales is a small group instructional routine focused on building oral language and listening comprehension skills through listening and acting out well known tales. 


Telling Terrific Tales Small Group Manual

(.pdf, 3197K)

This manual outlines small group instruction focused on building basic concepts for preschoolers - colors, shapes, opposites, and relative size. 

Basic Concepts Instructional Manual 

(.pdf, 1102K)

This is a set of fun, incidental, interventions to help children learn letter names.  



(.pdf, 488K)