Welcome to the Project Ready! website. This website was set up to share the preschool instructional and support materials that are being created as part of the Project Ready research project. It is a work in progress as the project is on-going and new materials and revised materials are added as they become available. The project consists of 4 parts: A core preschool curriculum, (Joyful Discoveries), Playful Interventions, Family Education, and Teacher Professional Learning. You can download a research article research presentation handouts about Project Ready! here (2019 Division of Early Childhood Conference in Dallas, TX) and on our main website under the faculty research tab, www.msj.edu/reading-science. You can also watch a webinar about Project Ready! by clicking here

Our research on the development of Project Ready! was published in Reading & Writing Quarterly. You can access the journal article by clicking here

The main curriculum, Joyful Discoveries, consists of 12 Units plus the Alphabetics Small Group and you can download these materials in the left column. We are in the process of editing our original 7 units, creating an introduction document, and creating 5 additional units across this year. These will be added as they are edited/created. Original artwork throughout the curriculum was created by Jenny Kathmann. The right column consists of the small group instructional and intervention materials that are used in Joyful Discoveries. There are additional small group instructional materials embedded within each unit. These materials can also be used independent of the curriculum for small group instruction or intervention focus on oral language and listening comprehension (Telling Terrific Tales & SAMMY Wordless Books) and Math.

If you have any questions about use of the materials or the Project Ready! research project please contact Dr. Amy Murdoch at amy.murdoch@msj.edu

All Project Ready! Instructional materials are copyright protected. Copyright © Dr. Amy Murdoch, 2019. You are welcome to use these free materials in your educational practice and to share with other educators or parents. The materials are not permitted to be sold commercially or use in any commercial endeavor.