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Tips for managing screen fatigue in online classes

Excessive screen time can damper productivity and cause headaches or eye strain.  Consider these tips for avoiding screen fatigue while keeping up with your online classes.

Take breaks

    • It is important to break up screen time to allow your eyes (and mind!) a chance to rest. 
    • Try the Pomodoro method: set a timer for 25 minutes and concentrate on a task without interruption.  When the alarm goes off, reset the timer for a 5-minute screen break.  Repeat this cycle 4 times, then take a longer break (20-60 minutes depending on your energy and workload).
    • If you find that these time increments do not work for you, adjust as necessary, maintaining the principle of taking frequent breaks from looking at your screen.

Plan screen time strategically

    • While your class schedule and personal commitments may dictate when you are able to do your work, try to design your study schedule to reduce screen time at the end of the day when your eyes are more tired.

Adjust your screen settings

    • The default display settings on your computer can sometimes be straining. 
    • On a PC: check out the Night Light feature, which allows you to display “warmer” colors at certain times of day to reduce blue light.
    • On a Mac: try switching to Dark Mode to reduce screen brightness.
    • Try downloading f.lux, which adapts your screen brightness to the time of day.
    • Increase your scale settings to enlarge all text that appears on your screen.

Use dictation and read-aloud

Consider light-blocking products

    • Some students benefit from products like blue light screen overlays, tinted lenses, or simply wearing sunglasses while looking at screens. 
    • We recommend you consult with an eye doctor before using any new products.
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