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Need to complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire? Here is the form for students and employees and the form for visitors and contractors.

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March 19th 2020: Hello Project Excel Students!

We are in our first weeks of adapting our learning processes by working completely online.  We hope that you are all adapting to this new change and finding resources to assist you when needed.  Our tutors are working hard to accommodate you all and we hope that you are continuing with your important virtual one on one sessions to help you achieve the very best results that we know you are capable of!  For the coming weeks, we hope to update you regularly with helpful information as we receive it - previous information will move down the page as we add new items so that we can keep it all in one place.


Students, please take a moment to review this latest video from our Provost, Dr. Diana Davis.



Good morning from the Wellness Center!

It is Mindful Monday!  The following link will take any of us (students, faculty and staff) to a free resource from TAO which can help us explore a practice of Mindfulness in our daily lives:

Students, as we enter the 6th week of remote learning and our semester draws to a close, we are aware that anxiety is still high and many of us are managing many difficult emotions.   It is important that we all continue to finds space in our days to balance our lives by sticking to a schedule, finding creative outlets and by connecting with family, friends, classmates and colleagues.  We want to remind you of the resources available to you on our Wellness Center MyMount website:  Campus Health and TAO: Therapy Assistance Online

Stay safe and well….

The Wellness Center Staff


Update from our Provost for all students at the Mount.



We are sharing a FREE webinar for students as you adjust to remote learning due to COVID-19. Information about the webinar and the link to register are below.

Are You a College Student with a Mental Health Condition? Managing the Wake of COVID: Strategies & Tools to Finish Your Semester

Thu, Apr 16, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

This webinar was created to help college students, who have been affected by disruptions in school due to COVID-19. The emphasis of this webinar is to help you develop organizational strategies while managing school work and other priorities at home. If you’re struggling to figure out a new routine in the wake of COVID-19, looking for ways to manage the demands of coursework as classes move on-line and preparing for upcoming finals, this webinar is for you! The first hour of the webinar will cover content, and the final 30 minutes will be allotted for Q&A to allow for brainstorming and resource sharing.

Michelle Mullen is the developer of the Helping Youth on the Path to Employment (HYPE) model, career development intervention for young adults with mental health conditions, and Principle Investigator of the NIDILRR funded Promoting Careers Among Transition Age Youth and Young Adults with Psychiatric Conditions. She is with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and was formerly at Rutgers University. She received her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with a specialization in Psychiatric Rehabilitation from Boston University and intends to complete her PhD in Social Welfare from the School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. Michelle has led multiple research and development projects evaluating the effectiveness of various interventions for college students with psychiatric conditions.

To learn more about the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research, visit

Register for Webinar



Need tips for home study?  Look no futher!  Please open the attached powerpoint to learn some great ways to navigate through this new learning process!  




A message from our Provost, Dr. Diana Davis (dated 3/31/2020) - Please watch! 



During this time it can be very overwhelming with information continually changing often every hour, so we encourage everyone to take a break from coursework and the news for 30 minutes to 1 hour to practice self care. 
A list of "get moving" activities can be found here



Wellness Center online group offering

Understanding and Supporting Self and Others, Personal Development Group: COVID-19 Edition

When: negotiated weekday afternoon

Where: online, confidential video conference room

Contact: James Braga, LISW  (

Who can join?: enrolled MSJ undergraduate and graduate/professional students

This personal growth/development group is focused on developing connections, supporting fellow MSJ peers and increasing self-awareness through a confidential video conference-based group during this time of COVID-19 solitude. Personal development groups are often effective in the following ways:

•       Decreasing anxiety and depressive symptoms

•       Increasing a sense of belongingness & community

•       Increasing self-esteem

•       Developing communication skills

•       Improving communication effectiveness

The premise of this kind of group is that the more we are aware of ourselves, the more knowledge we have into options we can take to address issues in our lives. We gain this awareness by sharing experiences with others and receiving helpful feedback, insights and empathic understanding in a place with a unique opportunity to be seen and heard. This also provides opportunities to experiment with taking risks and considering different options for interacting as one desires within a private, welcoming space.

Required: Students interested in group are required to complete a brief phone or confidential video chat screening with James before joining to discuss group layout and goodness-of-fit.

Please note: Although similar in benefit to group psychotherapy, this is not a therapy group. Students  (may, but) do not need to be struggling with a mental health concern to participate or benefit from this group.



Week of March 23, 2020


Student organizations are continuing to meet and making plans through this year and next. Students are more than welcome to join organization meetings and seek leadership positions for next year. See below for times and dates of actively scheduled virtual meetings by

student organizations. More to come from other organizations in the following weeks:

Campus Activities Board


9 - 10pm


Commuter Council


4:30 - 5:30pm

2nd and 4th

Creative Writing Club


12 - 1pm


Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Team


12 - 1pm


Group Fitness


4:30 - 5:30pm

Monthly (1st Thursday)

Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter


3:30 - 4:30pm


Hispanic/Latinx Student Union


3 - 4pm


Interfaith Club


3:30 - 4:30pm




1 - 2pm


Peers Advocating for Wellness and Safety


3:30 - 5pm


Social Work Club


12 - 1pm


Student Association of Sport Management


3:30 - 4:30pm


Student Environmental Enthusiasts


3 - 4pm


Theatre Lab


3 - 4pm


Theta Phi Alpha


8 - 9pm


A list of all organization presidents' contact information for all student organizations can be found on the Student Organizations page of myMount (must be logged in to view). For information about joining student organizations or their virtual meetings, reach out to the presidents directly for more information.


As cabin fever sets in, there are plenty of ways to stay active and connected with your fellow classmates. See below for some fun suggestions:


· See museums around the world, national parks, zoos, Hawaii and even Mars through free virtual tours

· Take Digital Safaris online at the Cincinnati Zoo

· Have a Netflix Party with friends

· Watch funny YouTube videos and comedians

· Watch TED Talks to learn something new

· Create a family game night or virtual game night with friends

· Play online games such as “Words with Friends”

· Start learning another language for free using “Duolingo”


· Practice self care daily with these fun ideas

· Create a happy playlist full of songs you love

· Learn new cooking or baking recipes

· Compile a scrapbook from old photos

· Reorganize and tidy up your room and school work space

· Walk outside for 30 minutes per day

· Participate in workout classes online

· Practice meditation and mindfulness

See the attached email from the Wellness Center with more activities for staying well.



For ways to stay updated on the latest news for staying engaged with classes and academics, click on the Learning Resources tab on myMount (you must be logged in to access). Keep Learning has more information about:

· Learning remotely

· Communicating with professors and classmates

· Using Blackboard Learn

· Using Zoom for virtual class meetings

· Academic support resources

· Advising and registration

· Community resources

· Accommodations and tutoring services


The MSJ Student Resource Center will send frequent messages via MSJ email that contain helpful information about community agencies and additional support and benefits for

anyone affected in any way by COVID-19. These include but are not limited to:

· Campus resources

· Be Concerned Food Pantry and other free meal distribution opportunities

· Unemployment assistance

· Immediate job opportunities

· Free or discounted travel and storage assistance

· Free or discounted phone and internet service


If you are in need of additional resources, or need to submit an application for Medicaid, food stamps, or any other government assistance, message Susanna Thomas directly at



(2) Information from the Wellness Center: 

We would like to introduce a new tool, TAO: Therapy Assistance Online. During this time of transition, emotional regulation and self-care is so important.  TAO is a site that offers a suite of online tools for education and interaction to facilitate effective behavioral health and life skills education.  As a student you can immediately access these resources that can help you manage your emotional life from a number of different pathways. 

More information about TAO is on our MyMount Counseling Services page:   

Click on the TAO banner at the top of the page to follow your pathway to self-help and personal growth. You will register and sign up for the Pathways offered by using your MSJ email address. Once you are in, you can explore the tools available.   

We will keep you informed as other features of the TAO website become available to us.

(3) From the Mount Library:  “Access to Free Textbooks & More”

The link below provides a list of publishers, vendors, and content providers who are giving students and faculty free access to textbooks, videos, journal articles, etc., during the pandemic: 


Below, please find some helpful information from the MSJ Library to keep you up to date on which resources are available and how to use them:

Keep Learning: FAQs About Library Services

What library resources can I remotely access while I am away from campus?

The library provides a large collection of online resources, including:

·         journal articles

·         ebooks

·         videos

These and other information resources are accessible through a collection of 182 databases listed on the library’s website: You can access all these databases from off-campus using the library number printed on the front of your Mount ID card.  You can visit this page to directly access a full A-Z list of online databases: You can also search by keyword for ebooks by using FOCUS, the MSJ Library catalog:

What if I don’t have my Mount ID card or don’t know my library number?

If you don’t know your library ID number, you can look it up using this page on myMount: Note: you will first need to log in to myMount to view this page.

Can I get research help remotely (off-campus) from library staff?

Yes, you can request help by emailing the library: For example, we can:

·         provide reference help

·         provide guidance when you are starting a research assignment

·         provide help with search strategies

·         provide research consultations

·         provide help with finding and using online resources

Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance! Library staff will take turns responding to emails. We will try to respond to requests within 24 hours.

Also, please remember all the research help that is available on the library website! You can find our research help page here: In addition, we have put together subject guides that serve as great starting points for research assignments. A list of available subject guides can be found here:

I have books checked out from the MSJ Library and/or OhioLINK. What should I do with them? Will I be charged for them if they’re overdue?

The library will not charge overdue fines while the campus is closed. Do not worry about returning any library materials until the library is open again. We will renew all currently checked-out materials until the library re-opens. If you have received an overdue notice, email the library and we’ll help you resolve the issue. If you have any questions or concerns about library materials, please contact the library:

Can I still request interlibrary loans? Can I still borrow books from OhioLINK?

We will continue fulfilling ILL requests for resources that we can deliver electronically, such as articles, book chapters, essays, etc. You can submit ILL requests by any of the following ways:

·         use the ILL request form in EBSCO databases

·         use the ILL request form on the MSJ Library website:

·         send your request via email to:

Unfortunately, we cannot offer OhioLINK borrowing services, since the library will be closed.  We are also unable to fill ILL requests for books at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns about library services and resources, or if you need assistance, please contact the library at:

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We look forward to working closely with you. Please stop in the office (Science Building room 17) and pick up your Plan Your Work form to see your class and tutoring schedule.
Congratulations to our recent graduates! You have been truly successful in your academic journey here at the Mount. We wish you well on the next step in your journey.
Just a reminder...
In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Project EXCEL provides reasonable academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to you, at no charge, based on your individual needs. Click on the links on this page to access the forms you need to request alternate texts, note-takers, and test accommodations. Please let us know if you need assistance.
Project EXCEL goes above and beyond the free academic adjustments and auxiliary aids provided to you under the Rehabilitation Act. Project EXCEL provides academic support through weekly tutoring by professional staff, time management sessions, and academic counseling. Your Project EXCEL fees pay for these extra services.Please take advantage of these resources!
myMount and MSJ email also provide you with up-to-date information about services and events that will prove helpful to you throughout the year. Check myMount and your MSJ email often.
Have a great year!

Have a PDF document read to you by the computer

All campus computers are equipped with Read & Write software and Adobe Acrobat Professional! Use these programs to read documents aloud. After opening your PDF document:
For Read & Write:
  1. Open Read & Write software by clicking on the "rw puzzle piece" icon
  2. On the toolbar, click PDF
  3. Find the PDF file you would like to be read and click to open
  4. Use the toolbar to hear the document

For Adobe Acrobat reader:

  1. In the Adobe toolbar, click on VIEW.
  2. In the down down menu, click on READ OUT LOUD.
  3. In the side menu, click on ACTIVATE READ OUT LOUD. 

Asstistive Technology Solutions & Accessibility Options

Tools for students:

Read & Write, Gold edition
Read & Write is a screen reading software available on all campus computers and compatible for download to personal computers through myMount.

To access on MyMount:

  1. Access the Read and Write Take Home Version section of the Software page underneath Technology. You will need to be logged in to myMount to access this content.
  2. Follow installation instructions for your Mac or PC computer

Features of Read & Write, Gold edition:

  • Reads PDF documents, Word documents and internet web pages through the use of a tool bar at the top of your screen
  • Additional tools available for organizing study materials and retrieving information
  • Manage settings through tool bar
  • Instructional videos for each tool bar feature

Adobe Reader screen reading program

  • Supports students in reading and study skills across multiple disciplines
  • Reads PDF documents
  • Highlight text to be read and go to View’ Read Out Loud, Activate Read Out Loud
  • Manage settings through tool bar
  • Available on all campus computers
  • Program support available in User Guide (screen reader compatible PDF format)

To use:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat
  2. Go to View menu choice.
  3. Click on the last selection Activate Read Out Loud. Choose Read to End of Document in next menu
  4. Click where you would like the reading to begin. Adobe “chunks” the material by drawing a box around each paragraph.
  5. Students can’t choose the reader voice.


  • Magnifies instructional material including graphs and charts from print based sources
  • Facilitates access to material presented on a blackboard or projection screen
  • Place material to be magnified under projector
  • Available for use in the Learning Center

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

  • Enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen
  • Permits users to hear what is being done in all applications
  • Magnifies and reads information back
  • Allows students to utilize two monitors to expand the magnified view
  • Available on computers in the Scholar Center

Color Contrast, Large Print Keyboard

  • ZoomText Keyboard
  • For users who struggle to see lettering on the keyboard
  • 36-point text and high-contrast color scheme
  • Eighteen dedicated buttons allow users to instantly start ZoomText functions
  • Available on computers in the Learning Center

Offers some accessibility tools. EX: Narrator, Magnifier, On-Screen Keyboard, High Contrast

  1. You can find by clicking All Programs-Accessories – Ease of Access-Ease of Access center to see all tools
  2. Narrator
  3. A menu pops up. Follow directions to enable. Only one female voice available.
  4. Choose Voice Settings on menu for speed, volume, and pitch.

Alternate Text and resources

Read & Write, Adobe Reader or Note Pad. E-textbooks can be used in several different ways. With special software such as screen readers or document readers, e-text can be audibly "read" by a computer. E-text may also be converted into MP3 files, which can play on any computer or portable MP3 playing device.

Alternative Text Resources:


Bookshare is an online community that enables scanned books to be shared, thereby eliminating significant duplication of effort. Bookshare takes advantage of a special exemption in the U.S. copyright law that permits the reproduction of publications into specialized formats for the disabled. Copyrighted books are only available for download in the specialized formats of digital Braille (BRF) and the digital talking book format (DAISY), and are only available to people with disabilities that have provided certification of disability. A downloadable copy of the computer software application for reading the DAISY format digital books, called Victor Reader Soft Edition is included in membership. The text is displayed on the screen, so it can be read with the adaptive features of the Victor Reader Soft. A student with low vision can use screen-enlarging software to read the material. In combination with screen reader software such as JAWS or Window-Eyes, the book can be listened to with Text to Speech, in a synthetic voice. Cost for book downloads and alternative players as well as the account application are listed on the website.

Website (

Access Text Network

The AccessText Network is a membership exchange network that facilitates and supports the nationwide delivery of alternative files for students with diagnosed print-related disabilities. AccessText provides these textbooks by leveraging an online database powered by Intuit QuickBase® and incorporating publisher-provided information on thousands of textbook titles. Association of American Publishers’ (AAP) Higher Education Committee serves the needs and interests of AAP members who publish for the post-secondary educational market. The committee works in a variety of ways to inform the media, the higher education community including faculty, administrators, college students and their families, and the general public about an industry that is producing the finest higher education instructional materials in the world.

The AccessText Network is supported by post-secondary institutions as well as member publishers.

Website (

You must be a Project EXCEL student and logged in to myMount to access the forms listed below.
Faculty Staff Resources

from the Learning Center

Office hours are:
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Friday

Stacy Mueller

Director, Project EXCEL

Becky Noble

Coordinator, Project EXCEL

Loraine Delaney

Administrative Assistant, Project EXCEL
(513) 244-4768