Location: The Learning Center, Seton Center (SET 156)
Phone Number: 513-244-4202

Hours of Operation:
Appointment times available throughout the week during the regular academic year, including evening hours. 
Summer sessions by appointment only.

Online Consultations for MSJ Off-site or Online Students
by appointment only.

Here in the Writing Center, we focus on the process of writing rather than the product by helping nurture and guide writers through the intricacies and frustrations of this complex activity. We can provide individual consultation with students (and faculty and staff), no matter what stage of the writing process they may be in, and we are prepared to tackle any level of bewilderment! Bring speeches, cover letters, stories and poems, academic papers, personal essays, or any other kind of text you might need to produce. You'll get close, individualized feedback. Come prepared to be an engaged and active participant in the whole process.

This is because we are not really an editing and proofreading service. We are guides and teachers, who will aid in the development of writing strategies that will help you become a more effective writer. Rather than passively watching someone “fix” the mechanics of your work, you are more likely to find yourself at the receiving end of a lesson that will teach you how to do it yourself. We hope to help you build upon your writing strengths, and we will provide a supportive environment in which you can take on and master the challenges that we identify together.


  1. Writing Center consultations are face-to-face. You can schedule an appointment in person, or call us at 244-4202. We are more than happy to take walk-ins, if space is available. Also, our extensive collection of writing-related books and handouts is always accessible. (Summer sessions by appointment only; please call 244-4202.)
  2. Consultations are collaborative. We work in partnership with you. As you read your paper aloud, explain your goals, and come to recognize your strengths and challenges, we will listen, ask questions, make observations, offer suggestions, and teach the lessons we feel you need to master.
  3. If you have a draft of your work, bring two copies, please! You don’t need to be at this stage to visit the Writing Center, however. Come ready to brainstorm and free-write, if that’s what you need.
  4. If you must cancel a scheduled appointment, that’s fine. Just please let us know so that we can free up the space for others.
  5. Because writing is a gradual and continuing process, we highly recommend ongoing consultation. Please come and meet with us on a regular basis.

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