About the Learning Center

The mission of the Learning Center is to provide a level of academic support that enhances the ability of every motivated student to succeed in his/her studies at Mount St. Joseph University.  The Learning Center services include a Writing Center, Math & Science Center, Peer Tutoring, placement testing, instructional and adaptive software, and support for students with disabilities.

To contact the Learning Center, email learning.center@msj.edu .

Hours & Location

The Learning Center is located on the first floor of Seton Center, Room 156.

Hours: Monday - Thursday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm / Friday - 8:30 am-4 pm.

When classes in session - 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm on Friday.

Hours for drop-in tutoring and writing assistance during the fall semester are posted below.

Writing appointments and frequently requested course tutoring appointments can be made at https://msjlc.libcal.com/

Tutoring and writing appointments can also be requested by completing one of our forms in MyMount:

*  Peer Tutor Request Form

*  Writing Assistance Request Form

Any questions regarding Peer Tutoring or the Writing Center please email learning.center@msj.edu.


Academic Strategies Workshops Fall 23-24

The Learning Center and the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences is offering workshops focusing on study strategies and assistance with assignments.  Student athletes will receive study tables hours for attending.  Each week a new topic will be covered, followed by one on one time with individual assistance or test preparation.

The sessions take place on Thursdays, from 2 - 3 pm, in ADM20.  Weekly Topics:

Sept. 21 - Strategies based on your individual learning style

Sept. 28 - How to prioritize your assignments

Oct. 5 - Note taking strategies

Oct. 12 - Annotating texts

Oct. 19 - Task initiation and self-motivation

Oct. 26 - Writing strategies

Nov. 2 - Citing texts and writing a bibliograhpy

Nov. 9 - Strategies for editing papers

Dec. 4 - Test preparation and test taking

GC3 - Cross Registered Courses

Students who are taking a course through the GC3 Consortium, should check their syllabus for academic support.  GC3 recommends that a student with an accommodation plan, confirm that the services they need are available at the host school.

Email Etiquette Tips

Not sure how to email a professor correctly?  How about using email in a business setting? Attached please find very helpful tips and hints on how to do this the most professional way. Any questions - please reach out to the Learning Center for help!

CLEP Tests

Acadeum Courses

Students who are taking Acadeum courses are encouraged to contact their instructor to request tutoring and assistance with a course.  The Support Contact with Acadeum can also facilitate requests for support.  support@acadeum.com

Individual Study Skills Assistance

Individualized study skills assistance can help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and of the basic skills needed for success in the classroom. if you would like to take a Learning Styles Assessment, please contact the Director of The Learning Center. heather.crabbe@msj.edu
Title Description
Maybe all you need are tips on how to better manage your time, read more effectively, take good notes, or prepare for tests. Websites like howtostudy.org are good sources.
Visit this site to download GRE preparation software and other study materials.

Online Request Forms

You must be logged in to myMount to access the forms listed below.

Title Description
Peer tutoring is an intervention program designed to serve those students who are struggling in a course. Students who are doing well, but would like to do even better, should work with their fellow classmates to form study groups. Contact the Learning Center if you would like assistance in coordinating a study group for your course. If you are having difficulty in a course, please complete this request form.

For test accommodation requests, please comply with the suggested time frames to help ensure that we can make all of the necessary arrangements for your test accommodations:

  • Test/Quiz - 5 school days advance notice preferred
  • Final Exams - 2 weeks advance notice preferred

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to an exam will not be allowed additional time to compensate for tardiness. Disability Services will consult with the professor to proceed according to the professor’s instructions. Whether or not the student can take the exam may also depend on space and staff availability.


Title Description

The Writing Center helps students to grow as writers, enhancing the quality of their written work in every discipline. Through one-on-one sessions with  student Writing Consultants, students grow in their understanding of the writing process, develop their ability to apply the process to all their written work, increase their understanding of the conventions of writing, and develop their ability to adhere to standard written English.

The Math & Science Center Assistants offer one-on-one sessions to help students succeed in their math courses through calculus, and their 100-level science courses. The tutors can also help with math and science content in other courses. 

The Peer Tutoring program enhances student success in coursework across the curriculum by providing concentrated, one-on-one intervention for stuggling students in need of extra academic support. Peer Tutors serve as role models of motivation and success, while simultaneously reinforcing their own learning. Please complete the Peer Tutor request form found on this page, if you would like to request a peer tutor.

Disability Services seeks to ensure that eligible students with documented physical or mental impairments are provided, based on individual need, reasonable academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to allow access to Mount programs.

Individualized study skills assistance helps students acquire greater understanding of themselves and of the basic skills needed for success in the classroom: time management, goal-setting, effective reading and note-taking, test-taking strategies, and others.