Students and faculty may contract with one another to convert a regular section of a course into an Honors section. The course must be of at least the 200 level and must fulfill a requirement or elective within the core curriculum or for the major or minor. In order to earn credit for Honors, the student must earn at least a B within the course that is being contracted for Honors. The Honors contract must require the student to explore the course material (or some portion of the course material) in greater depth and/or breadth, and should require the student to synthesize a variety of perspectives on this material. In addition, the student may complete a project that will take the form of a paper, poster, presentation, or work of art or other form deemed appropriate by the faculty member, student, and Honors Program Director. The student may conduct a research project or take a leadership role in classroom discussions or facilitate a class. The format and scope of the final product of the Honors contract needs to be approved by the Honors Program Director using the University’s existing Learning Contract form. This approval must be made no later than the end of the fifth week of the semester. Once the contract is approved, the final product will be evaluated by the course instructor and a copy must be filed with the Honors Program Director. Only courses taught by full time or pro-rata faculty are eligible for an Honors contract.