Student Philanthropy

Student Philanthropy


Student philanthropy is an experiential pedagogy that helps students to make wise investment decisions in nonprofit organizations. Our student philanthropy program is supported by the Cambridge Charitable Foundation. Since 2015, our students have contributed over $45,000 to the following nonprofit organizations: 

  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Childhood Food Solutions
  • Churches Active in Northside
  • City Gospel Mission
  • IKRON Corporation
  • Melodic Connections
  • Mill Creek Alliance
  • Northern Kentucky Scholar House
  • Ohio Justice & Policy Center
  • Our Sam Foundation
  • Our Turning Point
  • People Working Cooperatively
  • ProKids
  • Sayler Park Recreation Center
  • Sober Living Ohio
  • Teen Challenge Cincinnati
  • Washington United Church of Christ
  • Welcome House of Northern Kentucky
  • Wells for Sudan
  • WordPlay Cincinnati 
  • And more!


If you are a funder interested in investing in our student philanthropy program, please contact or call 513-244-4888. 

If you are a nonprofit foundation that is interested in having students advise your charitable giving, please contact or call 513-244-4888. 


Used at the end of student philanthropy experiences. 

(.docx, 39K)

Used at the end of student philanthropy experiences. 

(.docx, 15K)

Can be used by students to solicit interest in student philanthropy grants. 

(.docx, 39K)

Is used to outline the various student philanthropy requirements. 

(.pptx, 1864K)

Prepared by Dr. Jennifer Morris

(.docx, 13K)

Sample site visit email to community partner, sample post-site visit email, sample selection notice, sample rejection notice

(.pdf, 417K)

An overview of the information that you can find from a nonprofit organization's GuideStar profile. 

(.pptx, 1080K)


  • Why should faculty consider embedding student philanthropy in their courses? 
  • What is student philanthropy? 
  • What is the student philanthropy process? 
  • What are some examples of student philanthropy? 
  • How does student philanthropy help students (according to evaluation data)? 
  • If I am interested in student philanthropy, what are my next steps? 
  • What are some resources that I could use when creating a student philanthropy course? 
(.pptx, 2130K)

Student Philanthropy Materials

Related Resources

Magnified Giving is an organization that promotes student philanthropy in K-12. 

The Pay it Forward initiative is developing a new generation of philanthropists through an innovative course-based service-learning program that engages Ohio college students in hands-on philanthropy, grant-making, and volunteer service while providing community nonprofits with much needed assistance during difficult economic times.