Service Year Programs

Completing a year of service after graduation can be a great way to transition from school to career. 


Top 5 Reasons to Complete a Service Year



To schedule your service year intake appointment, please provide your availability to or call 513-244-4888. 

Service Year Events

Service Year Programs Booklet

Information on 10 local service year programs, including: Habitat for Humanity, Ohio College Guides (CYC Youth), Ohio History Service Corps, Peace Corps, Project Advance (Santa Maria Community Services), Public Allies Cincinnati, Student Resource Center Coordinators (Ohio Campus Compact), Teach for America, Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati, and Zoo Unto Others (Cincinnati Zoo). 

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Service Year Websites

Information on Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati's AmeriCorps program. 

Information on CYC Youth's Ohio College Guides program (an AmeriCorps program). 

Information on the Ohio History Service Corps program. 

Website for the PeaceCorps. 

Information on Santa Maria Community Services' Project Advance program. 

Information on Public Allies Cincinnati. 

Information on the Ohio Campus Compact's Student Resource Center Coordinators program. 

Information on Teach for America. 

Website for the Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati. 

Information on the Cincinnati Zoo's Zoo Unto Others program. 

Website for Ohio's AmeriCorps program. 

Official website for Service Year, which is a search tool for various service year programs across the globe. 

Service Year Forum

Learn about Greater Cincinnati service year programs. 

Recorded on 02/16/21. Features: 

  • Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati
  • Ohio Campus Compact
  • Ohio History Service Corps
  • Santa Maria Community Services
  • Peace Corps
  • Cincinnati Zoo Unto Others
  • Mercy Serves
  • Public Allies