Co-op Standards of Professional Conduct Application Agreement

Professional Standards:

While working in a co-op position, the student is an employee of the company or agency and is under the supervision of that organization in the performance of his/her duties. Students must meet the employer’s performance standards of quality, punctuality, confidentiality, and professional image and must seek to contribute to the improvement of the operation of the firm or organization. As employees, students are expected to practice the highest standards of professional ethics. Upon acceptance of a position, the student will honor their commitment to the employer and will cease pursuing other opportunities.


Each student is expected to work as scheduled. A student observes only company holidays, unless other arrangements have been made with the employer. In the case of an emergency which requires a student to be absent from work, the employer should be notified as quickly as possible. Please check with the employer for their preferred protocol. If an absence will cause the student to miss a week or more, the Career and Experiential Education Center (CEEC) must also be notified.
Registration Process:

Each student is required to register for their co-op work experience at the beginning of each semester (fall, spring, and summer). A student may choose to register for academic credit (1-3 hours) or for non-credit. The CEEC reserves the right to register the student for “0” credit.

Grading for Cooperative Education is on a pass/fail basis. The student will be charged a $30 administrative fee for every semester that they work with their co-op employer.

If a student is removed for cause by the employer during the semester, the student will fail the course and will not be permitted to enroll in co-op during future semesters. Students who earn a failing grade due to incomplete assignments may result in removal from the co-op program and will require approval to co-op in the future.

Wages earned during a co-op experience are ineligible for consideration in the calculation of an Unemployment Compensation claim based upon the Ohio Revised Code, Section 4141-5-05 Work Relief or Work Training Program Exclusion.
Academic Standards:
All co-op students must maintain academic standards by meeting the required quality-point grade point average (minimum 2.5) to enter each succeeding year of their academic program. Students with deficiencies in course work or in scholastic average should inform their Faculty Coordinator and their contact in the CEEC. The student’s continuation in the co-op program will be determined jointly by the department chairperson and the Director of Career and Experiential Education.
Students are required to complete all assignments for each semester of their academic co-op experience. The assignments are as follows:
-Co-op Confirmation via MountConnect
-Pre Co-op Assessment via MountConnect
-Post Co-op Assessment via MountConnect
-Faculty site visit
Overall Consent:
I hereby authorize the Career & Experiential Education Office to share information and materials to assist me in securing employment with prospective or current employers. I understand that in order to revoke this authorization, I must do so in writing and that such revocation should not apply to information which has already been released to third parties prior to the date of revocation.
Mount St. Joseph University is committed to providing an educational and employment environment free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or other minority or protected status.

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