The Brand Standards house the official policies and procedures for all materials that represent the University to external audiences. Consistent use of the Brand Standards by all departments helps to strengthen the University's image, positioning and name recognition.

MSJ Brand Standards

Building & maintaining a strong brand for Mount St. Joseph University begins with each of us. Please use the tools below to help consistently tell the Mount's story.


Our visual brand standards include logos, colors, and typography, and our writing style guide provides you with best practices when telling our story. Please download a copy of each to keep on-hand for your reference.


The university and athletic logo request forms can be found on the Creative Services web page.

To help maintain the integrity of the MSJ brand, the MSJ logo is to be the primary and prominent logo on all externally focused materials — in print, online, and with apparel and merchandise. The use of third-party logos with the MSJ logo on externally focused materials in print, online and with apparel and merchandise must be pre-approved by the Creative Services team. In these cases, brand standards still apply and the MSJ logo must be given equal or prominent placement.

The file below contains information on logo usage regarding:

  • primary and tertiary logos
  • size restrictions
  • safe area of the logo
  • use of contact information with the logo
  • samples of incorrect use of the logo
  • variations in usage in materials and with department/school names
  • University colors + fonts

By requesting, accepting and using provided official logo files on any event related materials, you agree that your event is sanctioned by the University and that all necessary risk/compliance approvals have been secured.

(.pdf, 5918K)

Revised February, 2022

The Mount St. Joseph University Style Guide was created to promote consistency and professionalism across all university communications (print and digital, external and internal). As a general best practice, this guide follows the standards put forth in The Associated Press Stylebook, though there are also usage rules unique to the Mount. The style guide is maintained by the Division of Marketing & Communications and is updated regularly.

(.docx, 146K)

MSJ Signatures

Signatures for your email.

The link below describes how to set up your email signature with a video created by marketing. If you have any questions while creating your signature, please contact the Help Desk at 513-244-4357.

Includes email signatures with the "2021 Great Colleges to Work For Honor Roll" and
- the trademarked MSJ logo, and
- the Heart of a Lion logo

(.docx, 133K)

MSJ Powerpoint Templates

A navy intro with white slides featuring gold accents.

(.zip, 1005K)

A navy intro with white slides featuring a small navy band & MSJ Crest.

(.zip, 513K)

Zoom Backgrounds

MSJ-themed Zoom backgrounds.

Includes 15 MSJ-themed Backgrounds:

1) MSJ Logo over navy, upper-left corner
2) MSJ Logo over navy, upper-right corner
3) MSJ Logo over white, upper-left corner
4) MSJ Logo over white, upper-right corner
5) MSJ Logo Pattern over navy
6) MSJ Logo Pattern over white
7) Athletic Logo over Navy, upper-left corner
8) Athletic Logo over Navy, upper-right corner
9) Athletic Logo Pattern over navy
10) Athletic Logo Pattern over white
11) MSJ Logo over Tartan, upper-right corner
12) Heart of a Lion Logo, upper-right corner
13) Quad Photo
14) Centennial Field House Photo
15) Joe Lion Photo

(.zip, 48895K)

MSJ Better Poster Templates

The Creative Services team has created a set of templates with the company "Better Poster," to provide clean, branded poster templates to the Mount Community. Please download a copy of the FAQ for tips on how to enhance your poster.

Please download this as a reference file for your Better Poster templates.

(.pptx, 7769K)

For posters with heavy type content, includes a thin, MSJ themed photo along the top of the poster.

(.pptx, 4546K)

For posters with heavy type content, includes a thin, MSJ themed photo along the top of the poster.

(.pptx, 4398K)

For posters with heavy type content, includes branded MSJ colors but no photos.

(.pptx, 3921K)

For posters with moderate type content, includes a central background photo of the quad at sunset.

(.pptx, 6263K)

For posters with heavy type content, features colors & graphics from the current "Climb Higher" campaign.

(.pptx, 4066K)

For posters with moderate type content, includes a central background photo of the MSJ Quad at mid-day.

(.pptx, 5120K)

Name Badges & Stationery

Name Badges
Request form for: Name Badges


University Stationery can now be ordered from
A "how-to" guide can be downloaded below. Departments are responsible for all stationery orders. The orderer will be invoiced directly.

Note: Athletics Stationery is not yet included in this system. Please submit a Creative Services Request for any Athletics stationery needs.


The Creative Services team of the Division of Marketing & Communications oversees photography for the University. More details are provided in the Photography Standards PDF below. For questions, email

This form allows the photographer or other entity who owns the rights and title to the photo to grant the use of the photograph to the Mount.

(.docx, 20K)

This is a poster created to provide notice to guests at any event that is being recorded and photographed. In addition to making the following announcement at University sport and alumni events, it is recommended to post this notice at all practical places located at such events. 


Announcement to be read pre-game and twice more during each event: 

Mount St. Joseph University is photographing and or recording this event. By attending you understand and agree that the University may use video, audio, photographs or other recording of you from this event for advertising, trade, or other business uses in any medium or technology now known or later developed. 

You waive the right to inspect or approve any video, audio, photographs or other recording that may be used now or in the future.

You waive the right to any compensation associated with any use of video, audio, photographs, or other recording; and understand that the University is under no obligation to use any video, audio, photograph, or other recording.

By attending you release the University; its owners, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors, and any other authorized person or entity; from any claims arising from use of any video, audio, photograph, or other recording.


Thank you.


(.pdf, 37K)

Campus Map & Directions


Athletic apparel and NCAA Division III apparel guidelines below.
To order Lands' End items with the University logo embroidered, please follow the instructions below.

Brand Strategy & Messaging