Faculty & Staff Benefits

All faculty and staff fringe benefits and paid-time off policies are subject to change as contracts with carriers are negotiated or as internal needs dictate. The University reserves the right to rescind or amend benefits, to change insurance carriers, or to require or change employee contributions toward premium costs, deductibles or co-payments. Faculty and staff will be notified of any such changes in a timely manner.

A summary of benefit programs will be prepared by the Office of Human Resources on an annual basis. Current and detailed information regarding certain programs is available in summary plan descriptions (SPDs) and official plan documents such as insurance master contracts. Please read the handbook descriptions carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities. Should a conflict exist between the official benefit plan documents and this Employee Handbook or the SPDs, the official plan documents will control in all cases.

Participation in most benefit programs is optional and enrollment is effective only after the completion of an application process.

Paid and Unpaid Leave Provisions