What is Nelnet?

Nelnet is a company that Mount St. Joseph University partners with to provide payment plan and student billing services.

Students can access their Nelnet account by visiting the My Account page under Finances in myMount, and following the link to Nelnet's site.

The first time you visit the Nelnet site, you will be asked to create an account.

What can I do in Nelnet's site?

Once you have activated your account and set up your profile, Nelnet will offer you the following features:
  • Real-time Account Balance - view your up-to-date student account balance
  • Enroll in or manage a payment plan
  • Make a payment - you can make a one-time payment against your account balance or payment plan balance by checking account, savings account, or credit card
  • Statements – view account statements
  • Ability to Share Account Access – add authorized users (i.e., parents) to assist managing your account
  • Direct Access – though www.MyCollegePaymentPlan.com/msju for authorized users; students will access Nelnet from the My Account page in myMount.


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This article explains how a student can add Authorized Payers for their Payment Plans as well as grant access to existing payment plans.  Only the student can add Authorized Payers and grant access.


Student Administrative Services

The Office of Student Administrative Services (SAS) is located in the Conlan Center on the first floor of the Administration Building. SAS handles all questions related to student billing and financial aid.

Financial Aid

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Includes a link for FAFSA.

Bookstore Advances

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Bookstore advances were previously referred to as bookstore vouchers

Student Billing & Payments

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Visit the My Account page in myMount and follow the link to your Nelnet account. In your Nelnet account, you will be able to make payments online using a credit card, checking account, or savings account. ePay Overview.pdf Making a Payment for eBill.pdf

Visit the My Account page in myMount and follow the link to your Nelnet account. In your Nelnet account, you will be able to see you fall semester and future bills and any payment plans you may have signed up for.

This article provides an overview and the benefits of ePay allows a consumer (Student or Authorized Payer) to use the online "Make a Payment" experience within Nelnet Enterprise. ePay Overview.pdf

This article covers as to how student can add authorized party and give them access their information and make payments on their behalf through Nelnet.

Account Profile_ Manage Payers (Authorized Parties).pdf

Nelnet Student Account Information

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An Authorized Party is a FERPA compliant 3rd party which the student has authorized to access their information or make payments on their behalf. The student can add and remove authorized parties through the user account.Adding Authorized Payers_Nelnet Campus Commerce.pdf

Creating an account through an institution specific link

One way to access the system is via an institution specific link. This link is generally placed on the institution website and directs students to the Institution Sign In Screen where they can sign up for a payment plan or manage their account. Creating a User Account.pdf

Students can read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out how to fix page/website issues and how to contact Nelnet Campus Commerce.

​The Customer Service link always appears near the top of the screen. The questions displayed vary based on whether or not the consumer is signed in to their account.

When the consumer is not signed in, questions pertaining to sign in issues will display. These questions do not appear when the consumer accesses the customer service link while signed in.  Student View_ Customer Service.pdf

To ensure a student's privacy and security, Nelnet customer service will validate the consumer's identity by asking authentication questions when an inquiry is made over the phone. This article explains how  students and authorized parties can update their authentication questions.  Account Profile_ Authentication.pdf

This article explains how students can update their contact information through their Nelnet Campus Commerce online account. Account Profile_ Contact Info.pdf